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Maxwell-Associates.com is recognized industry-wide for presenting unique lofts and loft-style condos for sale and rent in Boston. Acknowledged for its open content delivery, the site serves as an effective marketing platform to buyers and renters active in Boston’s dynamic loft market. To this end:

  • Properties are emphasized, first and foremost. From the perspective of  potential buyers and renters, all other information is secondary.
  • Real estate professionals, sellers, landlords, management companies and  developers are welcome to profile their listings on the site.
  • Real estate professionals augment their agency over a property by marketing their sale and rental listings on Maxwell-Associates.com.

Maxwell-Associates.com celebrates Boston’s loft lifestyles and aims to promote an appreciation for urban living and open concept design. We hope you enjoy Maxwell-Associates.com and we invite you to consider us for your next listing.

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Since launching in 2001, the number of lofts profiled on the site has grown to over 600+ unique properties — testimony to the success and popularity of the site as a truly authentic marketing platform.

Users of the site can review both current loft listings and extensive archives of past sales and rentals. The latter are routinely updated as their status reverts to a new sale and/or rental opportunity.

Profiling loft sales and rental listings on Maxwell-Associates.com with a comprehensive pictorial guarantees sellers, landlords, developers and real estate professionals increased exposure to the marketplace.

With most real estate transactions initiated by an online search, Maxwell-Associates.com is ideally positioned to reach a target audience of internet savvy buyers and renters of lofts, loft-style condos and live/work loft spaces.

The benefits of using Maxwell-Associates.com are numerous. By choosing to market your sales and rental listings with Maxwell-Associates.com, you will realize the following:

  • Gain access to a market of web savvy buyers and renters searching for lofts or luxury condos in Boston.
  • Effect real estate transactions on a cost per listing basis that are substantially lower than employing traditional forms of marketing.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by showcasing your property with a comprehensive pictorial.
  • Have a detailed photo-shoot allowing potential buyers and renters an unparalleled opportunity to make an informed decision.
  • Save time, to the ultimate satisfaction of you, your client(s) and the customer.

Maxwell Associates thrives on the collegial co-marketing relationships it enjoys with a wide network of developers, real estate professionals, private sellers and landlords throughout Boston. In short, you can profile your listing(s) on Maxwell-Associates.com and benefit from the targeted online exposure the site delivers… to the ultimate satisfaction of you and your client(s), when such additional exposure expedites a successful transaction.

Sellers, landlords and developers who list their property directly with the operator of this site will not incur any costs. Your property will be automatically profiled on Maxwell-Associates.com as part of your listing agreement with Maxwell Associates.

In addition, the operator of this site — Maxwell Associates — will be paid the co-broking compensation as reported in MLS and/or LINK for any successful transaction for which Maxwell-Associates.com is the procuring cause.

When Maxwell-Associates.com is the procuring cause for a 3rd party transaction, i.e., when a participating broker’s listing is sold/rented via a 3rd agency or buyer’s agent alerted to the opportunity from Maxwell-Associates.com, Maxwell Associates will be paid a 20% referral fee from the listing agent, i.e., 20% from the selling/renting side only.


Thousands of buyers and renters who understand the importance of a great web marketing campaign are the biggest and most enthusiastic users of LoftsBoston.com. This phenomenal interest makes our site a hugely popular addition to the online marketing collateral for:

  • Real estate professionals
  • Management companies
  • Developers
  • Private sellers
  • Investors / landlords

Developers use Maxwell-Associates.com to boost their pre-construction sales. Management companies use Maxwell-Associates.com to help market their rental buildings. To date, more than 55+ brokers and sales agents from both large national franchises and smaller boutique agencies have embraced Maxwell-Associates.com as part of their online marketing strategy.

In addition, commercial and residential bank appraisers use our extensive archives of past sales and rentals to help them analyze the comparative market value of recently purchased and/or rented properties.


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