90 South Street #4

The rear of the loft opens to a large, designated (169669, Kingston_35_4-22.jpg, "The rear of the loft opens to a large, designated (12160, Hudson_5_7_9_6S-18.jpg, "The rear of the loft opens to a large sleeping area.
Adjacent to the walk-through wardrobe of the loft are the wooden doors to the decommissioned freight elevator within the building.
The front entrance to the loft condos at 90 South Street with their secure, off-street mail boxes and intercom.
A raised platform delineates a utility corridor to the rest of the loft's amenities, e.g. (15656, Court_Square_Press_113-07.jpg, "A raised platform separates a sleeping area from the main living space.
Adjacent to the half-bathroom is a conveniently placed laundry closet, featuring a new side-by-side 'GE' washer + dryer unit(s).
A Viking dishwasher, set within custom-built cabinetry and overhead task-lighting (149527, South_90_4_10-15.jpg, "A Viking electric range and convection oven is the centerpiece of a built-in cooking recess within the kitchen space.
Subsequent to its conversion, the current sellers have invested over $100 (5306, NorthWashington_90_2-21.jpg, "Sunlight fills the master bedroom from three southwest-facing windows.
'A new
The view of the walk-through wardrobe from the loft's sleeping area into the open kitchen space.
'Adjacent to the custom-built double vanity is a glass-walled
A coat rack is situated conveniently by the front door to the 4th floor common area hallway within the building.
Gas forced hot air heating and central air conditioning are ducted throughout the loft.

Additional heating + ventilation via wooden-paneled ceiling fans and electric baseboards.
Detail of a decommissioned fire door, re-purposed as a built-in (173716, Jaques_143_2-06.jpg, "Detail of a hand-carved decorative wooden accent panel that forms the trim around the open archway, separating the dining/entertaining area from the rest of the main living space.
Adjoining the open sleeping area of the space is a walk-through wardrobe unique to the build-out of the loft.
The kitchen design is complete with three custom-built, back-lit (9382, Beach_121_803-12.jpg, "The kitchen features a deluxe range, six-burner (103543, Lincoln_144_4-15.jpg, "The kitchen features a full complement of appliances including, refrigerator (7414, Lincoln_210_401-07.jpg, "The kitchen features a full complement of Frigidaire Gallery Pro Series appliances, including: refrigerator (13599, Lincoln_116_2B_06-12.jpg, "The kitchen features a full complement of stainless steel appliances including, fridge (79289, D_437_2G-11.jpg, "The kitchen features a full complement of stainless steel appliances including, refrigerator (97612, D_437_2G_09-11.jpg, "The kitchen features a full complement of stainless steel appliances including, refrigerator (15744, Washington_453_11BE-27.jpg, "The kitchen features a full complement of stainless steel appliances including double wall ovens, microwave (127742, Sparhawk_Lofts_405-13.jpg, "The kitchen features a full complement of stainless steel appliances including: refrigerator, gas-fired oven/range (19415, South_210_11_3-13.jpg, "The kitchen features a full complement of stainless steel GE appliances including refrigerator with dispenser, electric range/oven (90833, Beach_111_2G-07.jpg, "The kitchen features a large pantry with numerous open shelves for plenty of storage.
The main sleeping area has been customized with new hardwood-flooring atop a sound-mitigating, substrate floor-covering (177075, Lincoln_210_703_12-28.jpg, "The main sleeping area includes plenty of space for a private study, additional furniture pieces and features a wall-mounted shelving unit and HDTV.

The translucent swiveling panels allow natural light to filter through and can be opened to enjoy the view or kept closed for privacy.
'A Viking electric range and convection oven is the centerpiece of a built-in cooking recess within the kitchen space.'
The common area stairway leads back down to the building's lobby below.
The raised kitchen counter/bar is finished with 12 feet of honed slate, cut in two pieces with a deep washbasin/sink.
The walk-through wardrobe has been re-fitted with space-organizing storage alcoves and built-in shelving.
Adjacent to the the open, glass-walled shower stall is the bathroom's restroom.
The fully renovated en suite bathroom includes slate floor tiling and a custom-built, double vanity with individual mirrors and exposed brick accent wall.
An over-sized custom Viking refrigerator is the 'cold-larder' within the kitchen space.
Stepping-up from the sleeping-area's walk-through wardrobe to the rear kitchen entrance.
Auxiliary electric heat baseboards are located underneath every double-glazed window for additional heating.
12 foot-high ceilings and 4 over-sized southwest-facing windows flood the space with natural light.
The storage alcoves within the walk-through wardrobe have also been retro-fitted with bright task-lighting.
A full bathroom en suite adjoins the main sleeping area within the loft.
Adjacent to the loft's storage and hot water system utility closet is the entrance to the half-bathroom.
100% pure open plan living comes into its own in this unique downtown, floor-through Leather District loft.
Unique to the space is the working, wood-burning fireplace (86702, Temple_55_5-33.jpg, "Unique to the Temple Place condos is the secure direct elevator access to the unit.
The 1 Lincoln Street, aka. (163810, South_102_2-09.jpg, "The 1 Lincoln Street, aka. (17389, South_210_4_2-13.jpg, "The 1 Lincoln Street Tower is a stunning contrast to the historic buildings along South Street.
The original wood floors are over 100 years old and have been polished and preserved.
The loft is wired for satellite HDTV and high-speed Internet access via Verizon DSL (if available).
The half-bathroom is newly constructed and features hardwood flooring and a custom-built vanity-sink.
The exterior of the 90 South Street loft condominiums.
Located on the 4th floor, this 'walk-up' space is one-of-six units in a true live/work loft building.
Next to the restroom is a free-standing enameled cast iron 'claw-foot' bath-tub, complete with a fixed faucet and separate hand-held shower head.
The wooden doors of the decommissioned freight elevator recall this loft's industrial past.

Date Sold: June 30th, 2011
  • 4th Floor Unit, Leather District Loft
  • open floor plan
  • 1800 SF±

Condo Fees: $238/mo. includes water + sewer, C.A.M., master insurance and professional management.

R.E. Taxes: $6,482.04/FYR2011 with residential exemption.

  • On-Street or Monthly Rental
  • Pet Friendly Building
  • Steps to Local Parks + Shops