200 Lincoln Street #5 – 2015

Approximate monthly rent based on a 'NN' Double-Net lease for this office loft space:

$ Base Rent
$1,793.00/mo. - Condo Fee**

** Condo fee includes water + sewer (4063, Friend_165_5-15.jpg, "Approximately, 800 sqft +/- of the roof's available surface area would be available to build a private deck.
A wall of floor-to-ceiling windows (some operable) forms a dramatic backdrop to the entire west side of the space, including two executive office suites (165275, Fort_Washington_4-04.jpg, "A wall of glass floods the main living area with natural light and lends an unprecedented sense of space to the room.
The reception/entrance area, is defined by a stunning (6971, Park_90_31-05.jpg, "The recessed bookshelf features a wine chiller fridge under a built-in bar.
The floor-to-ceiling wall of windows creates a commanding ambiance within two of the main executive office suites, the conference room and reception area.

There are also operable windows in each executive office suite and the conference room for fresh air ventilation if required.
A wall of curved steel complements the industrial look and feel of one of the executive suites.

It also includes a hidden door, on rollers (13047, Loft_43_8-19.jpg, "A wall of custom-built storage closets feature interior shelving and drawers.
A combination of full-height and three-quarter walls divides the open plan into various private office suites and special project rooms.
This smaller office, next to the main executive office (10443, Court_Square_Press_519-03.jpg, "This South Boston loft is an ideal pied-à-terre for the modern urban dweller.
The three-quarter walls are open at the top to allow light and air to filter around the general office space.
The room is currently being used as an art studio and has four work stations.
The full-height walls create plenty of functional art space.
The 1st-of-2 bathrooms is located adjacent to the reception area of the main office space.
The 1st-of-2 bathrooms features tile flooring, a custom vanity with wall mirror and bright task-lighting.
The top floor office loft features two emergency exits via internal stairwells.
The office loft features custom casework and built-ins throughout the space for storage and equipment installation.
A free wall adjacent to the kitchen/rest area is a perfect print + copy workstation.

Alternatively, with a few café tables and chairs it can be used as a lunch area. 

The rear of the office space features numerous cabinet built-ins and casework within a long galley-style kitchen area and, includes a refrigerator and freezer (109116, Sanctuary_Lofts_8-30.jpg, "The rear of the Sanctuary Lofts building with the private entrance to Loft #8.
Adjacent to the galley-style kitchen area is the 2nd-of-2 bathrooms.
This 2nd bathroom is a handicapped accessible facility, equipped with sturdy handrails and wheelchair friendly vanity.
The second emergency stairwell exit is located adjacent to the office loft's network hub and server room.
The second stairwell also provides access to the private roof deck deeded to this office space.
The roof deck, approximately 400 SF± is available for the exclusive use of this suite and is ideal for after work entertaining.
Detail of the steel hatch mechanism and steel treads of the stairs leading to/from the roof deck.
The interior lines and clean finish create a uniquely industrial-looking modern office environment.
More three-quarter walls delineate additional project rooms and/or semi-private office spaces.
Another large executive office suite can double as a bulk storage space for office supplies, equipment and inventory.

Alternatively (106408, Beach_111_5D-10.jpg, "Another option could be to open the bedroom suite and/or 2nd living/lounge room to the main space with the simple demolition of the partitioning wall.
Another smaller office is located between two of the larger executive office suites.
Extended access corridors create long visual sight-lines from one side of the office space to the other.
The twin entrances to another executive office suite can be closed for privacy.

This office can also be converted to a conference room or converted to accommodate up to four work stations.
The executive office suite also features the signature floor-to-ceiling wall of windows.

All windows are equipped with museum shades that offer privacy and block out the sun, but still allow a small amount of light to fill the office.
The exposed corrugated ceiling, conduits (17459, Chauncy_42_9C-18.jpg, "The extended breakfast bar also features a wine chiller and a dual wall oven.
The extended reception area off the main entrance space can be configured to allow for a large meeting area or, moveable panels can be rolled in (on a rail system above) to create a separate (99959, Atlantic_717_7A-13.jpg, "The extended work bench features a stone counter work surface, additional storage cabinets and drawers.
The polished concrete flooring has been treated with a stain and finished with a polyurethane sealant throughout the office space.
The top floor office space is accessed directly via the building's elevator, which opens up directly to the reception/entrance area.
Elevator access to the top floor office loft is secure via private key.

The loft is also equipped with an ADT security system (for a monthly fee).
The building's inner lobby features a chair lift for easy handicapped access to the elevator bay.
The outer lobby of the building serves as an airlock to maintain cool/warm air distribution within the common areas.

The outer lobby also houses the secure off-street mailboxes and security door release system.

The building also has a security camera system that records all people entering and leaving the building and saves the images for up to seven days.
The wall of floor-to-ceiling windows is clearly visible along the top length of the 200 Lincoln Street office loft building.

As one of the best run buildings in the Leather District, the building contributes to thrice weekly private street cleaning for the entire Leather District.
'Located next to Chinatown in the historic Leather District

Please download a PDF version, to scale and with dimensions (217375, Exchange_70_206-13.jpg, "Please Note:

Only Comcast service is available to the unit — neither Verizon services nor DSL is available.

Date Rented: January 23rd, 2015
  • Top Floor Unit, Leather District Office Loft
  • open floor plan
  • 2700 SF±
  • Private Roof Deck