143 Jaques Street #2

The main living space or 'grand room' features a diamond pattern scored concrete floor finished with an acid etching stain.
The exercise room has been built into the semi-finished basement level and features carpeting and wall-mounted heating units.
A hallway leads off from the main living space to the rest of the loft's amenities, e.g. (10017, South_90_5-19.jpg, "A hallway leads-off from the entrance to the darkroom.
The sloping asphalt driveway provides access from the street level down to the unit #2 entrance of 143 Jaques Street.
Open to the main living space below, the mezzanine serves as an ideal home office or private study.
Adjacent to the exercise room are double wooden doors that open to reveal a huge workshop with a half-bathroom and access to the building's mechanical room.
'Adjacent to the main bedroom is a full bathroom suite complete with granite floor tiling and ornate tile-work surrounding a Jacuzzi/Whirlpool tub.'
The access hallway to the unit's bedrooms and main bathroom is finished in reclaimed hardwood parquetry flooring.
Careful attention has been given to installing a combination of decorative line voltage and recessed lighting systems throughout the space.
In addition to the stainless steel refrigerator and dishwasher, the kitchen also includes a chef-style gas oven/range with recirculating extractor hood.
The drive-in, deeded garage is accessed via remote controlled roller door and (175699, Jaques_143_2_11-38.jpg, "The drive-in, deeded garage space is large enough to accommodate 2 or 3 cars (depending on size).
'At 16.7'' x 11.7'' in size
An open stairwell leads from the main living space down to the ground level garage and semi-finished basement.
Alternatively, the open mezzanine can serve as a 3rd sleeping area for visiting friends and guests.
The workshop features a half-bathroom on a raised platform, concrete slab flooring (8080, Green_172_13-31.jpg, "The workshop is freely available to all residents.
The main bedroom suite is a generously sized (18.9' x 16.6') room with big bright windows and finished with green stained hardwood flooring.
The view down the access hallway back toward the main living space and upper level mezzanine of the 'grand room'.
The main bedroom suite also features recessed lighting, open shelving units and two built-in storage closets.
Robust steel tubing and hardwood treads lend industrial chic to the spiral staircase design.
'Semi-Finished Basement + Garage: 1905 SF±\r\n\r\nThe basement level includes the garage
The private balcony/deck has stairs leading up from a deeded garden area and carport/garage below.
Also included in the design of the main full bathroom suite is the built-in, open shelving unit for linen storage and towels.
The combined kitchen and dining/entertaining area is defined by ornate, hand-carved wainscoting and other decorative accent trimming.
At the end of the utility corridor is the loft's 2nd/guest full bathroom complete with tile flooring and a recessed shower stall.
Detail of a hand-carved decorative wooden accent panel that forms the trim around the open archway, separating the dining/entertaining area from the rest of the main living space.
The focal point of the main living space is the combined open kitchen and dining/entertaining area within the 'grand room'.
Juxtaposed against the ornate decorative wooden paneling of the handcrafted wainscoting is the industrial minimalism of the steel trusses supporting an open mezzanine level.
The kitchen is open to the main living area, making the 'grand room' a truly inclusive entertainment space.
'Detail of the multi-head steam shower and massage unit with separate rainmaker shower head and hand-held.'
'Main Living Space + Mezzanine: 1915 SF±\r\n\r\nThe main living space includes the open kitchen
A sliding glass door opens from the main living room onto a large, private outdoor deck (104417, FP3_Lofts_207-26.jpg, "A sliding panel door can be closed for privacy within the private study and/or 2nd bedroom.
Looking from the open kitchen and dining/entertaining area towards the main living space with its cathedral ceilings and dramatic glass curtain wall.
At 22.5' x 36.5 the workshop is a great semi-finished basement space for home handyman projects and/or super storage space.
'Heating and central air conditioning is delivered via a forced hot air HVAC system
Another shorter utility corridor leads past the laundry hook-up featuring a full-size stack washer/dryer unit.
Details are reflected in the smooth polished surface of the raised granite bar set-in to the reclaimed hardwood parquetry of the kitchen counter.
The 2nd/guest bedroom features a bright window, wall-to-wall carpeting and a built-in storage closet.
The open mezzanine level has been finished with bamboo flooring and features an operable window and a ceiling fan.
Enjoy unique custom refinements and flexible open plan living in this stunning former warehouse conversion, loft-style home.

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* Fee(s) include: Broker Fee (equivalent to 1 month's rent) (175693, Jaques_143_2_11-03.jpg, "Enjoy unique custom refinements and flexible open plan living in this stunning former warehouse conversion, loft-style home.

Please Note:
This is from a 2011 photo shoot and there have been some modifications and changes to the unit.
The glass curtain wall rises nearly 19 feet up to the apex of the 'grand room', flooding the main living space with brilliant morning light.
The 2nd/guest full bathroom design is complete with a floating washbasin/sink, glass shelving and a wall mirror with bright task-lighting.
Across the hallway from the main bathroom suite is the entrance to the 2nd/guest bedroom or private home office.
'The drive-in

Date Rented: February 21st, 2012
  • 2nd Floor Unit, Converted Warehouse Loft
  • 2+BR/2½BA floor plan
  • 1915 SF±
  • 3+ Covered Parking Spaces
  • Private Deck + Garden Area
Date Sold: June 1st, 2016
  • 2nd Floor Unit, Converted Warehouse Loft
  • 2+BR/2½BA floor plan
  • 1915 SF±
  • 3+ Covered Parking Spaces
  • Private Deck + Garden Area