128-132 Bucknam Street

Live, work + play in this one-of-a-kind residential + commercial loft conversion.
Built in 1910 as a furniture upholstery shop, this space was completely renovated into a combined residential + commercial loft in 2004.
The residential component of this loft comprises 1000 SF± of living space within a free-standing building that includes 1535 SF±- of adjoining commercial space.
Among the numerous upgrades throughout this property are the custom closet built-ins
Individual furniture items may be included in the sale for an additional price.
Unique to this space is the garage-style roller door that opens to the outside, transforming the living room into a covered terrace.
The roller door is built with translucent fiberglass panels that offer privacy while allowing natural light to filter through.
Newly installed cross-cut bamboo flooring is featured throughout the unit.
The extended breakfast/entertaining bar serves to delineate the kitchen area from the rest of the living space.
Ceiling-mounted line voltage track lighting and downlighting are featured throughout the loft.
The galley-style kitchen is complete with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and white concrete counters.
An electric, white ceramic glass stove-top is mounted into the concrete counter top.
Whether it's cocktail hour or breakfast the next morning, the kitchen + extended counter top are a natural focal point when entertaining at home.
Adjacent to the kitchen/dining area is the entrance to the bedroom suite.
The bedroom is large enough to accommodate a king-size bed with side tables
A glass panel atop the custom-built storage closets allows additional natural light to filter through from the main space.
A sealed window of glass blocks allows westward light to fill the bedroom suite.
Adjacent to the kitchen/dining area is the entrance to the full bathroom.
The bathroom has been remodeled into a utilitarian, yet luxurious amenity.
The vanity features a custom concrete washbasin with wall-mounted fixtures and dress mirror.
The bathroom features black slate floor tiling and bright task lighting.
'Adjacent to the "wet area" of the bathroom is a full-size stack washer/dryer unit.'
'The "wet area" of the bathroom features a gel-sided Jacuzzi tub underneath a skylight.'
The open shower stall features both a rain showerhead + handheld and black slate tile stall surround.
A sealed glass block feature wall allows natural light to fill the bathroom.
A sealed glass block feature wall allows natural light to fill the bathroom.
The strip of land adjoining the loft is large enough to accommodate 2 off-street tandem parking spaces.
'All new mechanicals
An open stairway leads down to the loft's lower level, basement space.
As a basement space, the lower level of the loft serves both storage and recreational purposes.
As a recreational space, the basement is large enough to include indoor gaming activities such as darts (17805, Bucknam_132-36.jpg, "As a recreational space, the basement is large enough to include indoor gaming activities such as darts (17744, Bucknam_128_132-36.jpg, "As a storage venue, the basement can accommodate any manner of personal effects that can fit down the stairway.
'As a storage venue
Alternatively, the basement serves as an ideal band practice venue removed from any neighboring noise complaints.
Adjacent to the stairs leading back-up to the residential component of this loft is the entrance to the basement level of the commercial half of the building.
As with the renovation of the residential loft, the commercial component of the building also features new mechanicals (7821, Pearl_92_100_18-23.jpg, "Asko stack washer/dryer is discretely housed inside the storage closet adjoining the bathroom.
The basement area of the commercial part of the loft building features wall-to-wall carpeting.
A stairway leads-up from the large basement area to the main commercial space above.
The stairway from the basement below is open to the main commercial space.
Upstairs the unit opens out to a 1535 SF± commercial property.
Ceiling-mounted track lighting and downlighting have been newly installed.
Re-conditioned hardwood flooring is featured throughout the space.
'As an adjoining unit
Double-hung, insulated windows have been newly installed throughout the building.
The commercial part of the building has its own street exposure, address and entrance.
At the rear of the commercial space is a full bathroom.
Also at the rear of the space is a 2nd entrance/exit to the loft.
Traversing the stairs back down to the basement/storage area of the commercial space.
The basement storage area can serve as a functional addition to the main commercial space above.
A steel fire-door separates the commercial basement area from the residential basement of the building.
Traversing the basement stairway back-up to the main living space of the residential loft component of the building.
The front/street entrance to the loft building at 128-132 Bucknam Street.
The loft is a converted residential + commercial unit within a free-standing building located on the corner of Bucknam + Locust Streets in Everett.
Location: 128-132 Bucknam Street," Everett MA
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